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Simple Pulse Professional Home Milking System

January 2014
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Hey all you hand milkers…
Here is a great new milking system that is fast and easy to use.  Simple Pulse Professional Home Milking System is the only system we use.  Our friends and goat guru’s Jesse and Cristen Sullivan developed this incredible milking system.
We used to milk our Nigerian goats by hand, but with our giant hands and their small teats it was a long process especially if you have a goat that likes to be difficult.  We tried the hand pumps and found them to be slow and you still had to pump it by hand.  With this system you just hook the hoses to the goat and watch the milk flow into the jar.  The system keeps the milk free from the hair and debris that can contaminate your milk while hand milking.  After we milk, we strain it into another clean jar and put it in the refrigerator and its ready to drink.
We really like the ease it is to hook up.  They have made it very self-explanatory.  The cleaning process makes it so that you can clean the hoses right after you use them and hang them to dry in the milking room ready for the next milking.  Works on sheep too.
Follow the link to find out more about this great milking system.  There, you will be informed on how the whole system works and you can place your order.


Matt & Danielle



  1. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    I don’t have any animals but I can see how helpful this would be.

  2. It is very efficient. Perhaps you could contact them and help them reach more self sufficient farmsteaders. Thanks for looking!!!

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