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I just started my peppers for this spring/summer.  I have 4 varieties to choose from.  All my soil, seeds and fertilizer are 100% organic.  I am watering them with what I call Alpaca tea.  Alpaca manure doesn’t need to compost, it can be used immediately.  I take a scoop, add water and mix it together.  This mixture is what I water the plants with. 
Place your order now.  I have a limited supply.  Give us a call or email.
PEPPERS:  $4.00 per plant
California Wonder
Lady Bell
Mini Thai
We will be selling Alpaca manure in small paper lunch bags.  Once you dig your hole make some slices in the bag and place the bag in the hole.  Drench the bag until the bag it completely soaked, then plant your start.   You can also make Alpaca tea to water your plants.
Alpaca manure:
$1.00 per bag




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