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Welcome to the Blue Heron Ranch.  When we found Blue Heron Ranch we fell in love with it immediately, and knew this was the place to raise our kids.

On the Wedding Lawn

On the Wedding Lawn




Our initial thoughts of our ranch was to have a place for our horses to roam and space to ride.  With only a few horses we felt some more animals would be a fun way to become more sustainable.


Knowing how much food and milk our kids consumed in a week we decided that we should get some Nigerian milking goats to help with feeding the kids.  The more we dove into the realm of goats the more we became excited about the many different products the Nigerians produced. 

IMG_7171 IMG_6358 IMG_7164 IMG_7049IMG_6408 

Their milk is high in butterfat which gives their milk a nice creamy taste.  Cheese, yogurt, soap, and many milk based products are just part of our plan for sustainability. 

We will be selling kids this spring.  If you want to expand your herd or are new to goats, look for updates about the spring kid sale…

We also have alpacas that are an interesting animal.  We will be able to use their fiber for many uses including: spinning, felting, carding and/or raw fiber.  A strange creature yet it is fun to watch them chase and play across the pasture.


The garden and fruit trees will provide the sustenance that all farms work for.  We enjoy getting the garden going in mid-winter with all the vegetable starts.  From tomatoes to peppers, to onions and broccoli.  Our main focus will be the many varieties of tomatoes.  All organic seeds and fertilizer have become the norm for a healthy diet.  No sprays or pesticides are used in the garden.  Our plan is to create a U-Pick tomato garden for the public to come and pick fresh tomatoes.


Our apple trees and grape vines are turned into sauces, cider, jelly, and dehydrated apple chips.   The apples and grapes are another healthy addition to the ranch.


New to the ranch are our bees.  We salvaged a hive from some friends that had no use for it.  We hope to be able to fix the hive and expand it so we can offer honey to the list of products…More info to come.

Thank you for checking us out.  Please contact us about our products.





  1. what a great story! Loved reading about Blue Heron Ranch and your family.

  2. Thanks Val. You need to come visit sometime when we can sip lemonade and watch the beasts play…including the children. Miss you!

  3. Harriet Glenzel says:

    this is a great farm- fun, relaxing with great people to surround yourself with. we loved being there recently!

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